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Simply sign up and create or import your first property using our easy-to-use tools.


2) Professional review and publish

We'll professionally review your listing to ensure it's of the highest quality to deliver maximum bookings. Then we'll publish it across our distribution network.

3) Start receiving bookings!

Manage your bookings and requests using our free tools and start to receive rental fees direct to your bank account.

Getting started with RentalTrips

  • +- What is

    RentalTrips is an online marketing and booking service for holiday rental owners and managers. We use our experience and knowledge of the online rental market to ensure you get the most bookings for your property.

    Our all-inclusive service includes creating professional looking listings and managing the marketing and distribution of your property across the most popular listing sites on the web. We provide a seamless booking process for both owner and traveller. You don't have to worry about chasing traveller deposits - we take care of it with our fast and secure online booking system providing both you and the traveller with complete piece of mind.

    What's more, with RentalTrips there is NO NEED to set up complicated merchant accounts to offer secure online bookings to travellers. We provide the secure online booking facilities and simply transfer the rental deposit direct to your bank account or PayPal account within two UK business days of the booking confirmation date less our standard 10% commission fee.

  • +- Is RentalTrips right for me?

    RentalTrips exists to ensure that you get the most bookings per calendar year for your holiday rental, whether you are a property owner or a property manager while saving you time, money and effort. If you want to ensure you are getting the absolute maximum return from your rental property then RentalTrips is the place for you.

    If you have a great property and are willing to keep your availability calendar up-to-date then we will ensure that we generate bookings and therefore revenue for you. If we don't get you bookings then there is nothing to pay so you can be sure that we will be working 24/7 on your behalf to bring travellers to your rental property.

  • +- How much does it cost to list my property with RentalTrips?

    You simply pay us a risk-free 10% of every booking that we successfully secure for you. There are no upfront costs to list with us and you only pay us when you get a secured booking. We cover ALL the costs of marketing your property and ALL the fees for listing your property on the industries leading holiday rental sites. It costs you nothing to list with us and there is now no minimum contract period, and no cancellation fee. In the unlikely event that you decide that RentalTrips is not working for you, simply give us a call to cancel your listing.

    Our success is perfectly aligned with yours giving you the peace of mind that we are tirelessly working on your behalf to market your beautiful property to the widest possible audience of travellers.

  • +- How does RentalTrips create effective, professional listings?

    Here at RentalTrips have 14 years combined experience working for the biggest name in the holiday rentals industry. We have seen hundreds of adverts everyday for many years and know exactly what makes an effective and high performing listing. Our mission is to ensure that every holiday rental property listed with us achieves it's full potential. We know that even the greatest holiday rental properties are regularly undersold and we understand that many owners are busy and simply don't have the time to focus on every detail. That's where RentalTrips comes in! We craft SEO friendly headlines that will also make travellers want to click on your advert and we write copy that will sell your unique property to clients.

    We constantly track the effectiveness of all our listings, carefully measuring and scrutinising performance metrics to ensure that your listing is maximising it's full potential.

  • +- How and where will RentalTrips promote my property?

    Our job is to promote your property to the widest audience of travellers who are looking for holiday rental accommodation. We know which channels work and which don't and we will market your property in a number of ways including and not exclusive to:

      ✔ A quality SEO optimised listing on RentalTrips

      ✔ Placement on the most popular and effective holiday rentals sites including the HomeAway Network, TripAdvisor and FlipKey.

      ✔ Online advertising campaigns including SEO marketing on Google and all of the most popular search engines

      ✔ Social media promotion under the RentalTrips brand on sites including Facebook and Twitter

  • +- How does a Traveller book my property?

    Travellers can book online immediately using our secure online credit card booking system. Or if they enquire they will receive an immediate response via email or phone from our friendly customer service team. Research by shows that owners who respond within 3 hours of receiving an enquiry are 50% more likely to secure the booking. Some travellers may make several property enquiries and more often than not the first owner to establish contact will be the most successful.

    In addition, we make it easier than ever for travellers to complete the booking process with:

      ✔ Optional 24 hour-a-day, 7 days-a-week enquiry response (enquiry handling is 100% optional. You have the option to handle and respond to enquiries personally)

      ✔ Secure online credit card and PayPal transactions

      ✔ Consistently accurate calendars and a simple, clear and easy-to-use booking interface

      ✔ A dedicated customer service phone number for travellers to call. Being available to answer calls from potential guests on your behalf makes the world of difference and results in a higher rate of converting enquiries to bookings.

  • +- What commitment do we require from you?

    When listing with RentalTrips, you agree to keep your property's availability calendar up to date at all times. This is most important because it allows travellers to book online with confidence and avoids double bookings.

    The great news is that whenever you update your calendar with RentalTrips, it will be updated across all our distribution partner sites automatically so you only need to manage your availability in one place!

  • +- Will RentalTrips provide local property management services?

    No. RentalTrips is solely a marketing and booking service and cannot provide local property management services to owners. We recommend that owners use a local property management company for services such as cleaning, maintenance and key handling. We are happy to assist with recommendations in your local area.

Using RentalTrips

  • +- How do I create and manage my property listing on RentalTrips?

    We provide an incredibly easy to use listing management system which you can access using your login details. Upon registration you will be able to start creating your first property listing or even let us import the details for you from any existing listing site.

      ✔ You can edit your property description, details and photos at any time and all changes will be propagated to our distribution network.

      ✔ You can update your availability and view and manage all your property bookings and review details of your confirmed guests.

      ✔ You can set your property's rental rates by the week, week night or weekend night and set any number of rental rates based on seasonality, demand or length of stay. Rates can be one-off or recurring each year. You decide!

      ✔ You can offer instant discount offers to potential guests. Convert more leads by creating a one-off discounted offer and emailing an instant booking link directly to a potential guest.

      ✔ In addition we offer our innovative "Bid Now" functionality as an option for all property listings. This allows you to receive bids from travellers to fill your last minute availability. Enable guests to name their own price within limits defined by you, then review the offer before deciding whether to accept.

  • +- I have a confirmed booking, what do I do next?

    When a traveller books online, you have set period of 24 hours in which to either accept or reject the booking. Once accepted you will receive a booking confirmation email confirming the we have taken a deposit. The email will contain your guests personal contact details. As soon as a booking is confirmed you should contact the guest by email or telephone to arrange the check-in details and payment of the final balance. It's important to maintain good communication with your guests to ensure that they feel welcome and confident that there stay will be enjoyable and hassle-free.

    Please contact your guest as soon as possible after booking and no later than two days before the planned check-in date. Confirm balance payment arrangements, their arrival details and provide them with clear details on how to get to your property, how to check-in and how to contact them or your on-site property manager should they need to.

  • +- Can I reject a booking?

    Yes but we don't advise it. When a traveller books online, you have set period of 24 hours in which to either accept or reject the booking. Please make sure you always accept bookings unless there is a very good, valid reason to reject. We strongly discourage rejecting valid bookings for any other reason than a conflicting booking and continued rejection of bookings will result in us reviewing your listing suitability for RentalTrips.

    The traveller will only be charged once the rejection period has expired and no rejection request has been registered. If you reject the booking, no charge is made and the traveller will be informed and will usually go elsewhere.

  • +- Can a guest cancel a booking and what is the cancellation policy?

    Guests can cancel their booking at any time, but only in accordance with the RentalTrips cancellation policy. The deposit is non-refundable and the balance of the rental fee is always due at the owner specified period before the arrival date and payable by the guest, direct to the owner. If the cancellation is less than the owner specified period for balance payments prior to the stay and the balance has been paid to the owner, this balance is non-refundable unless the owner is able to re-let the property for the booked period. At the owners discretion, they may refund the guest to the sum receivable from the re-letting after deducting costs and expenses incurred by them.

    Provided cancellation is unavoidable, these costs should be recovered by a guests personal travel insurance. We strongly recommend that guests take out insurance to protect against unavoidable cancellation, accident, illness or injury, or breakdown to your vehicle on a self-drive holiday.

    Once a booking is cancelled, your property will become available again for the given dates and other travellers will be able to place bookings for that period.

  • +- How do I remove my listing from RentalTrips?

    If you wish to remove your listing entirely, you need to contact us at You cannot un-publish or remove a property that has upcoming bookings made through RentalTrips until they have been fulfilled.

  • +- When will a guest receive my email address and phone number?

    Just as you receive a guests contact details upon booking confirmation, the guest will receive your details at the same time. Once you accept and confirm a booking request you will receive the guest's details and they will receive your name, email address, phone number and property postal address.

  • +- How many photos can I add to my property?

    You can upload up to 24 photos per property and rearrange or replace them at anytime. We recommend that you use the maximum 24 photos to showcase your property at its best, and include pictures of all the important rooms of your property, as well as the local area. Your default picture is also very important, so be sure to choose the photo that shows your property at it's best. And remember, travellers are 83% more likely to make an enquiry on your property if you have over 20 photos (vs. less than 5) according to FlipKey.

  • +- Can I cancel a confirmed booking?

    As a property owner you should not cancel any confirmed bookings. Remember that your guest has made their travel plans based on your confirmed booking. If you have absolutely no other option but to cancel for reasons beyond your control, please contact us We will request that you contact the guest directly and explain the reasons for the cancellation. The guest will receive a full refund and you will not get paid for that booking. Continued cancellation of bookings for any reason will result in us reviewing your listing suitability for RentalTrips.


  • +- Why do I need to give you my payment details?

    RentalTrips pays rental deposits direct to your bank via bank transfer or direct to your PayPal account. We take upfront deposits totalling 30% of the agreed booking fee from your guest when you accept and confirm their booking request. We then pay you the deposit within two UK business days of the booking confirmation date less our standard commission fee of 10%.

    Unlike most sites that offer online payment, with RentalTrips there is NO NEED to set up complicated merchant accounts to offer secure online bookings to travellers. We provide the secure online booking facilities and simply transfer the rental deposit direct to your bank account or PayPal account.

  • +- When do I get paid for a booking?

    We release payment of the rental deposit to you within two UK business days of the booking confirmation date.

    After we transfer a payment, it will usually take between one to five business days for the funds to reach your nominated bank or PayPal account.

    You are then solely responsible for collecting the balance of the booking fee directly from the guest (at your specified period) prior to their check-in date.

  • +- What are additional fees?

    You can set additional fees in the property rates tool. They can be auto-applied to the rates and will be added in to the total price at the time of booking. Or they can be non auto-applied and in this case you will have to arrange payment for yourself. Usually it would be a payment charged in cash locally at check-in or check-out.

    These fees can be local taxes, final cleaning, damage deposit or late check-out fees. You must decide whether these fees are added to the total price at the time of booking or extras to be paid locally on arrival. Please note that additional fees may be an unappealing prospect to guests, which is why we recommend factoring them into your price per night wherever possible.

  • +- Why can't guests pay me directly?

    We ask guests to pay RentalTrips in order to offer an easy and secure payment system. We hold the deposit payment amount securely and release it to you, the property owner, within two UK business days of booking confirmation. This protects the traveller and allows them to book online with confidence.

    As a property owner you benefit as we handle the booking process securely and transfer the deposit directly to you. There is NO NEED to set up complicated merchant accounts to offer secure online booking to travellers. We provide the secure online booking facilities and simply transfer the deposit fees direct to your bank account or PayPal account less our standard 10% commission fee.

  • +- How do I get paid?

    We pay you by bank transfer or via your PayPal account. You can change your billing details under the 'Payment Methods' tab when logged in to your account.

    Your bank or PayPal may charge transaction fees, so we advise you to check this first in order to select the best payment option for you.

    To transfer money to your bank account we require your sort code and account number for UK banks and IBAN and BIC number for international banks. IBAN means International Bank Account Number and BIC (sometimes also called SWIFT) means Bank Identifier Code. You can find all numbers on your bank statements.

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