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What We Do

Our mission at RentalTrips is simple. We aim to Market your holiday rental property to as many of the millions of potential travellers on the Internet as possible. In turn we convert these potential guests into booked nights for your property. RentalTrips will place your property on the most suitable sites for maximum bookings. Our simple management tool allows you to manage your availability calendar, enquiries and bookings in one place and automatically distribute any updates across all listing sites.

We are so confident that we will get you paid bookings that we pay all the up-front marketing costs and listing fees for you. You property will be listed for free on the industry leading holiday rental sites including HomeAway, TripAdvisor and FlipKey. You simply pay us a 10% fee for every paid booking that we provide. So if we don't get you bookings, you don't pay a thing! Our service is offered on a completely pay-for-performance basis. There are no up-front fees, lengthy contracts or cancellation penalties.

We know that when travellers search for holiday rental accommodation, they don't stick to one brand or listing site. They will search multiple rental sites to find the property they want. They also want to book and pay online with a feeling of trust and security knowing that their payment is safe and secure. We provide a simple, clear and fully secure online booking service for the traveller giving them peace of mind and allowing them to plan and book their rental holiday with complete confidence.

Whether you are an owner renting your home for the first time or an experienced manager of multiple properties, our mission remains the same: to provide the simplest, most effective way to market and book a holiday rental to the largest international audience of travellers.

Some of the many ways we help owners and travellers to enjoy a successful and cost effective holiday rental experience:


Professional Review

We make money when our owners do so we'll make sure your listing is of the highest quality to deliver maximum bookings. We ensure that each listing is the best possible shop window for your property with an SEO friendly headline, description, photos and content. In turn this gives the traveller a full and accurate representation of your property, giving them the confidence to book their stay with you.

Here at RentalTrips have 14 years combined experience working for the biggest name in the holiday rentals industry. We have seen hundreds of adverts everyday for many years and know exactly what makes an effective and high performing listing. Our mission is to ensure that every holiday rental property listed with us achieves it's full potential. We know that even the greatest holiday rental properties are regularly undersold and we understand that many owners are busy and simply don't have the time to focus on every detail. That's where RentalTrips comes in! We craft SEO friendly headlines that will also make travellers want to click on your advert and we write copy that will sell your unique property to travellers.

Secure Online Bookings

You don't need to worry about securing a deposit - we take care of it with our fast and secure online booking system. Travellers can book their stay with confidence using a credit or debit card meaning you don't need to worry about collecting deposits prior to their stay. We will also pay all deposit payments directly into your bank or PayPal account within two UK business days of the booking confirmation date less our standard 10% commission fee.

Unlike most sites that offer online booking, with RentalTrips there is NO NEED to set up complicated merchant accounts to offer secure online booking to travellers. We provide the secure online booking facilities and simply transfer the rental deposit direct to your bank account or PayPal account.

Unlike most sites that offer online payment, with RentalTrips there is NO NEED to set up complicated merchant accounts to offer secure online payments to travellers. We provide the secure online booking facilities and simply transfer the rental fees direct to your bank account or PayPal account.

Data Migration

Do you have your property listed elsewhere? Do you wish to avoid recreating your listing from scratch? Easy.... we will import your listing data from any source! Just point us to your advert on any listing site and we will import all the details into your new RentalTrips listing to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

When you create a listing with RentalTrips we will ask you if you would like us to import your property details from any existing online listing that you might have. It doesn't matter where you list. If we can link to it, we can import it!

Free Intelligent Distribution

We know which channels will generate the most bookings for your property. We list your property on the most popular listing sites such as HomeAway, TripAdvisor and FlipKey - free of charge! We take the stress out of deciding which of the many popular listing sites is right for you by distributing the property for you based on our detailed knowledge and analysis of listing performance across all of the industries leading rental sites. We constantly track the effectiveness of all our listings, carefully measuring and scrutinising performance metrics to ensure that your listing is maximising it's full potential.

Our job is to promote your property to the widest audience of travellers who are looking for holiday rental accommodation. We know which channels work and which don't and we will market your property in a number of ways including and not exclusive to:

  ✔ A quality SEO optimised listing on RentalTrips

  ✔ Placement on the most popular and effective holiday rentals sites including the HomeAway Network, TripAdvisor and FlipKey.

  ✔ Online advertising campaigns including SEO marketing on Google and all of the most popular search engines

  ✔ Social media promotion under the RentalTrips brand on sites including Facebook and Twitter

Fast Response Times

Convert travellers into bookings with full-time enquiry response and secure online transactions -- it's as easy as booking a hotel. Travellers will receive a realtime response to their enquiries, allowing them to instantly book their stay if your property is available.

Managing the rental marketing and booking process is not easy for owners. Holiday rentals are becoming an increasingly common choice for holiday accommodation and as such we've started to see travellers expecting more in terms of communication and service.

Online marketing and prompt response to traveler enquiries are no longer exceptions to the rule, they are the expected as a minimum. Research by shows that owners who respond within 3 hours of receiving an enquiry are 50% more likely to secure the booking. Some travellers may make several property enquiries and more often than not the first owner to establish contact will be the most successful.

That's why we provide a full-time traveller enquiry phone number and online assistance so we can answer traveller queries on your behalf. If we provide travellers with great service, for no extra charge, they'll be more likely to book you property. And that means more rental income for you as a home owner.

Calendar Integration

Let us keep your calendars, bookings and listing details in sync across all your existing listing sites. All from one place via our easy to use listing management tools.

When listing with RentalTrips, you agree to keep your property's availability calendar up to date at all times. This is most important because it allows travellers to book online with confidence and avoids double bookings.

The great news is that whenever you update your calendar with RentalTrips, it will be updated across all our distribution partner sites automatically so you only need to manage your availability in one place!

Optional "Bid Now" functionality for travellers

Unlike other holiday rental sites, RentalTrips enables potential travellers to name their own price. Optionally receive bids from travellers to fill your last minute availability. Enable guests to name their own price within limits defined by you, then review the offer before deciding whether to accept.

When creating your listing, simply choose whether your prices are negotiable, and if so, the maximum discount percentage that you will consider. Travellers will then be offered a "Bid Now" button enabling them to make you an offer. If you decide to accept the offer you can email a custom booking link with the discounted price direct to the customer who can then book securely online.

Email instant discount offers to potential guests

Convert more leads into bookings by creating one-off discounted offers and emailing an instant booking link directly to a potential traveller.

Whether you want to encourage a repeat guest to book again, or reply to a potential traveller that made a bid for a given week, with RentalTrips you can create a custom booking link for any given dates and for a special one-off price that you decide. This can be emailed to the traveller direct from the site. All the traveller needs to do is click on the link and they will be offered your custom discount available to book online, instantly and securely.

Ready to get started? Simply fill out the registration form and begin creating your property listing.

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